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Still Living With Parents at 28, Skint, and No…

Hey guys,

So in today’s video I talked about the challenges I’m facing right now in regards to my living situation. I have struggled financially for most of my adult life, and find myself living back at my mum’s after spending 6 months of last year in Spain.

I have always aspired to be an independent person, and it is difficult to accept that I am not in a financial position to be able to provide for myself and live independently. I have recently had to deal with the shame and guilt that I feel for being in this position.

Whilst living at home has certain benefits ( save money, home-cooked food, around family), there is a confidence provided by living independently and doing as I please. Whilst I do love that freedom, right now we are in Lockdown in the UK, so there isn’t much to do anyway.

I am therefore using this time to prioritize my business, my finances, and my mental health. Finding calm and peace has always been a struggle of mine, despite procrastination being a big problem of mine, it is largely down to anxiety and overwhelm, rather than the presumed laziness or lack of ambition.

I have been using Lockdown to work on being still with myself, learning to spend less time immersed on social media, and thinking more about how everything fits together in the long-term. I have always been highly ambitious, and whilst I am not where I want to be in life, I need to learn to accept the reality rather than distracting myself with fantasies.

Most of my financial struggles have come about as a result of me burying my head in the sand, and letting stuff pile up on me. By putting out videos, and talking about my life, it lightens my load and empowers me to take more action towards the future I want for myself.

Getting into ruts and negative patterns is very easily done, and sometimes we need outside perspectives to help us to move forward. So if you have found yourself struggling with the same stuff for many years, I suggest that you start thinking about how you can find other people to help you, whether that is through self-education with resources like books, videos, podcasts etc, or more personal support like a coach, financial advisor, PT etc.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing more of my life with you in the future!