Course Category: <span>Soul</span>

The Conscious Alpha

A man that is able to master his mind, body, and soul is destined for greatness. The Conscious Alpha stands strong in his masculine power focusing on his ability to create and build a legacy. He takes pride in himself and his life.

This is a 12 week one-on-one program designed to transform your life. Each week we will meet over Zoom and talk about your issues, strategies to implement change, and help you find meaning and purpose in your life.

Become A Vulnerable Man

The vulnerable man is wholehearted and able to share his heart and struggles with others. Central to that process is allowing himself to express himself with other men.

This a group coaching program taking place over Zoom. We will meet up every week for 12 weeks, covering a range of different topics, including: Masculinity, Success, Goal-Setting.

Recharge Your Soul

Step into your power. Re-connect with the inner child and take a step towards achieving the life of your dreams. Inside all of us exists a little boy or girl who needs to be fully awake within our life. That inner child is a lot more active in our life than what we may think, and giving the inner child permission to be seen and heard by others is crucial to living a life of meaning and significance. The program will consist of 4 hour long Zoom calls where we will discuss:

  • Self-care: daily habits and routines that nourish the soul
  • Self-love: our emotional state, wounds, and triggers
  • Vision: learning how to re-create a state of curiosity, imagination, and optimism
  • Contribution: learn how to devote time and energy to serving others