Joe Dean-Bryson

Head Coach and Founder

Joe graduated from Loughborough University in 2015 with a Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology. He founded Strong Minded Coaching shortly after, although at the time the business went under Character Coaching. With a Undergraduate Degree in Sport, PE, and Coaching Science and extensive personal sports coaching experience, he originally worked with athletes and coaches on their mindset.

Joe has dedicated the last 10+ years to mastering the art of coaching, with time spent as a Swimming Teacher, school sports coach, and a mindset and confidence coach. He has always found himself working in a jobs that are centered around helping others, whether that be sports coaching, bar and restaurant work, or working in a gym. Joe has recently become qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer, and is devoted to helping people create a physique and lifestyle they enjoy and are proud of.

Joe thoroughly enjoys fitness himself, committing to training on a daily basis, whether that be lifting weights in the gym or going for a run. Having suffered with low confidence and poor mental health for many years, Joe found his life improving significantly when he started to focus on his physical health. Despite always being sporty and active, it was only when he broke his leg in 2017, that he started to become more focused on keeping the body healthy and fit. 

Joe faced a difficult childhood that he struggled to overcome as an adult. It was only when he started his fitness journey, that he really started to heal his childhood wounds. In 2019 Joe accepted the professional help of a counsellor in an attempt to understand and express the issues he was having. That was an extremely empowering experience for him, and led him to spend 6 months in Spain, where he devoted himself to healing and self-discovery. It was this experience that led to the formation of The Vulnerable Man Facebook Community, where hundreds of men are supported to share their struggles (Join using the link below). 

Joe is committed to helping other people, men especially, to re-discover themselves and heal from their wounds. He has a vast experience in helping people to improve their confidence, and attempts to establish trust with his clients and community with his vulnerability and heart-centered approach. Joe believes in a holistic approach to healing, that combines psychology, fitness and spirituality, to help move through insecurities and painful emotions and experiences. His services operate at three different levels; mind, body and soul.