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The Four Pillars of Core Confidence

A live training on building your core confidence/self-esteem

Hey Guys!

Hope you are all doing well out there. I wanted to share with you the live training I did on building core confidence. The training is about an hour long and focuses on the four pillars of core confidence: Purpose, Principles, Perspective, and Personality.

These pillars are central to developing core confidence and self-esteem, and without them life can feel like a bit of a tick-box exercise. If you are wanting to feel more fulfilled and alive, then I would highly recommend you check out this training!

Feel free to go and download the free e-book I wrote on The Four Pillars:

Book in for a FREE call where we can discuss how I can help you to move forward in your life, and gain more confidence/self-esteem:

Looking forward to hearing from you!



The Dark Truth About Porn

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What is going on guys!

Super excited to bring you the first episode ever of The Strong Minded Podcast!

This week I spoke to porn and sex addiction recovery coach Bill Ranshaw. It was a very powerful conversation, so I hope you take value!

Hope you are well out there wherever you are, and I look forward to bringing you the next episode!

Cheers, Joe